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There are times when you will need a AREA zip code lookup for mailing or delivering purposes. If you have a phone number or an incomplete address (street address and city, or just city and state), then there is a way to locate the zip code on the internet and through websites that can help you look it up for free. Here are 3 of the best websites and how to use them to determine the correct zip code for an address:




Step 1. Once you are connected to the internet, open a web browser program and go to!input.action.


Step 2. The web page should say "Look Up a Zip Code". There are 2 kinds of tabs and options for a AREA zip code lookup depending on the information that you have on hand. The left tab says "Zip Code By Address" and the right tab says "Cities By Zip Code". There will be blank fields where you can put in the information asked.


Step 3. If you have an incomplete address (one that doesn't have a zip code), then you must choose "Zip Code By Address". Enter the street address and if that address is in an apartment, suite or condo, then enter the city on the third blank field. Choose the state from the drop-down field and then click on the blue button that says "Find". The zip code will be revealed.


Step 4. If you wish to find all the cities in a zip code, then click on the right tab "Cities by Zip Code". Just enter the zip code, then a list of the default city comes up (for example, a zip of 90210 reveals Beverly Hills, CA). There will be options to look up another zip or to edit the current zip code and search again on the right side of the page.


United States Zip Code


Step 1. Once you are connected to the internet, open a web browser program and go to


Step 2. The web page should say "Search by address, city or county and a blank field will be available just below it.


Step 3. Enter the information you have (incomplete address or city and state, or county then click on the "Search" button on the right side. This AREA zip code lookup site is very helpful because it will provide a top-down GPS map and you can print it for later use. You can also find the time zone, the county, the neighborhood and the available schools within the address.




Step 1. Once you are connected to the internet, open a web browser program and go to


Step 2. The zip code lookup web page should say Address Check on the top, with an Address Verify option below.


Step 3. Copy and paste the incomplete address that you have to the "Text Box" and click on Submit to see the complete address with the correct zip code.


Step 4. You can also type in the first few letters or numbers of the address in the "Express Entry" field and a list of matching addresses will immediately come up, along with the correct zip code.


Step 5. This zip code lookup tool not only shows the correct zip code, but it verifies and shows the address type, the time zone and county.